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Chocolate Mousse Lollies (Low carb)

Creamy and chocolatey, these lollies were made with whipped cream, giving a light, airy texture which makes me rethink how I have been making all the other lollies up until now. A simple addition of confectioner’s sweetener and melted 85% Lindt®, and you have a dreamy after-dinner treat. I marked this low carb and not strictly keto, due to the presence of soy in the Lindt®. As we know, soy is an inflammatory food and should be avoided on the keto lifestyle. However, if you are simply living the ‘if it fits your macros’ lifestyle, these lollies will be a great addition to your summer creations. The lolly moulds I use are 100ml / 3.4 fl. oz capacity, but there is so much air whipped into the mixture, you will only use about 70g of mixture to fill each mould. This was how the macros were calculated. I also added a few drops of chocolate essence which really lifts the flavour to another level – you will love it!

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