KETO KITCHEN by Monya Kilian Palmer

KETO KITCHEN was recently published by Kyle Books, London and is now available worldwide. It is my first cookbook and was a labour of love for me for most of 2019. I am thrilled to bits with it and I know you will be too (see reviews below). The recipes were created with a global audience in mind: all weights are shown in both UK metric and US imperial. Its packed with plenty of recipes (all beautifully photographed by the brilliant Maja Smend) and includes full macro breakdown per serving. It’s sure to keep your keto journey interesting, exciting and sustainable. Since publication mid-June, it remains one of the best-selling low carb cookbooks on Amazon UK, which is more than I could have ever wished for! I hope you enjoy cooking from it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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KETO KITCHEN will make a beautiful stocking filler for a loved one who may have talked about switching to a healthy, low carb lifestyle in the new year!

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The Ultimate Keto Cookbook – WOW
What an amazing buy. Most Keto cookbooks available in the UK are aimed at the market in the US…this one is by a UK chef for the UK…but my American friends you can also buy this book…why you ask…because it also has the US conversions for you. Not boring food…this is real food with real cooking techniques. The photography is amazing and every single recipe has been shot (yes I’ve counted them). This chef, Monya, has put in the time and effort and created something truly astounding and you can taste it in the food. I’ve cooked 7 dishes (ok 3 were desserts) & they are all perfect. Buy this book. You will not be disappointed. Oh…and she’s even got an endorsement from that chef Heston Blumenthal…WOW!

A must-have
A beautiful book by a clearly talented author. The recipes are easy to make and absolutely delicious. They make keto exciting and show that it’s a delicious lifestyle. This book is a must-have for any foodie!

This is the best £10 you will ever invest in a cookery book…Keto or not!
I’ve had this book for a few days now, and every recipe I’ve tried so far is a winner. We’re talking ‘as good as you’d get in a decent restaurant’ quality…at home…on Keto! The Green Chicken Curry will blow you away, one of the tastiest things I’ve made…the Lime Cheesecake, well, stunning…Pork Belly, Pesto Chicken Breast, Cauliflower Cheese, Brown Butter Broccoli, Cashew and Coconut Fat bombs (when you need a quick fat fix) all tried already. I know my way around a kitchen, and I collect cookery books (currently well over 150, by some of the most famous Chef’s in the world) and this one is going to sit on my ‘one’s to use regularly’ shelf…and that shelf holds about 20 books! Seriously, don’t think about it…buy it, or more truthfully ‘invest’ in it…the returns you get will be fantastic! Well done Monya, Heston clearly new what he was doing, and talking about! ;-)

A game changing Keto cook book
Highly recommend Keto kitchen, we have enjoyed every meal. We feel like we are eating delicious restaurant quality food every day, the recipes are easy to follow, the book is beautifully done and the results are mouth watering. This book will not disappoint, it’s full of information about Keto foods which has been written so well it’s a joy to read. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes, our Keto journey has become much more exciting. We look forward to purchasing your future Keto cook books.

Simple ingredients & methods with very special results!
This is a fabulous book – beautifully presented and with a wonderful array of recipes. From Thai prawn curry to double chocolate mousse with blueberry breakfast muffins in-between.The tips are great, the photos are great and there’s a really interesting introduction to Keto eating at the beginning. We all have lots of recipe books, but I suspect this will become one of our most thumbed!

Refreshing ideas
This book, by a chef trained by Heston Blumenthal, has some refreshing recipes in it for an advanced keto dieter. It’s so easy to get stuck in your ways with the Ketogenic diet – eggs for breakfast, cheese for lunch, meat and veg for supper. Although there are some other great recipes out there, few have stuck. This is a brand new book with ideas which have got my fussy son’s attention including blueberry muffins, keto granola, waffles, eggs benedict and mug breads. The ingredients list are items which can be found on Amazon, at the very least. Plenty of photographs and a little insight into the keto diet rounds off the book.

Love this book. Easy to follow
This is my first keto book and it’s been amazing. I don’t like cooking very much, however I’ve found new joy in these recipes. I’m actually eating the walnut and coffee mug cake and I type ! Would highly recommend this and as a family of teenagers we’ve all found meals that we like and will all eat.

The best keto cookbook there is. Fact.
The recipes are innovative, easy and they really deliver on flavour – even though I know what’s gone into the dish and how simple it was to do, there is a real wow factor (and confusion) with me thinking how can this taste so good. Have had rave reviews from keto and non keto peeps. Honestly, don’t buy another keto cookbook. I’ve had loads I flick through uninspired and then this-one, which I’ve enjoyed reading like a book and am working my way though every recipe.

Fantastic recipes which taste delicious
This photo is my effort at the Chicken and Brocolli dish from the Keto Kitchen. It was SO good! If the rest of the recipes are as good as this I shall be very happy – and so will my non-keto family. The book is laid out beautifully with some gorgeous photos. This book will not sit alone on the shelf, this is one book that is going to get used frequently and end up spattered with food and with the spine creased. Which is the sign of a good cookbook.

Little Gem of a book!
Wow – what a wonderful book full of fantastic recipes. I came across this book by chance on Instagram and decided to delve a little deeper into my research. This book does not disappoint….not only is the author lovely, the recipes look amazing. (Particularly excited about the mug breads which I’m trying today). I embarked on my keto journey in Jan-20 and I’m now in maintenance mode. These recipes will definitely liven up meal times. Monya deserves the highest of praise for a debut author.

This book is a must for anyone thinking about or already on the keto diet. I have other Keto recipe books but not UK based… some confusion with measurements and ingredients (had to Google a lot of things) but this book is a dream. We recieved it yesterday and after looking through it cover to cover, we based our weekly shop on Monyas recipes. Tonight our first meal was Chicken & Broccoli with Paprika bacon butter! Wow! Just wow. So easy to follow Monyas recipe – her tips are invaluable. Cant wait to make our next meal tomorrow!

Impressively delicious recipes
Gorgeous book, well written, fabulous photographs, easy to follow recipes, and most importantly, just mouthwateringly delicious from start to finish. I’ve made about half the recipes over the course of one week and have loved them all without exception. Even better, I feel full all the time, I have not had any refined sugar for a week, have lost a few pounds and have more energy than usual. If you are thinking about trying out Keto this book will convince you!

Fantastic Book, Keto or not
I love love love this book. I’ve had it a week and can’t stop cooking from it, all the dishes I’ve tried so far have been amazing, I just can’t wait to try the others. I’m not the best of cooks, not very experienced and usually stick to plain and simple cooking. These recipes are very straightforward to follow, and the ingredients are not too whacky as some recipes of other books are. The Fresh Green Chicken curry was one of the first I tried, and it blew me away. I forgot to de-seed the chillis on the first attempt, but I must say the flavour was as good if not better than any restaurant/take-away that I’ve had. I was so impressed. The second attempt I did read properly and de-seed, but I think on reflection I preferred the heat of my first attempt, maybe next time I will leave just a few seeds in. Creamy cod (I used hake) with jammy onions was lovely too. Looking forward to trying some of the chicken thigh recipes – the problem is deciding which one to try first. Full marks to Monnie for this book – her first attempt and I can’t wait for her second book next year. This book will never be far away from me – whereas all my other books sit on the shelf never to be looked at again. Absolutely Stunning!!

Beautiful book
The book is professional and high quality with 143 thick glossy pages. The layout has been designed so well, with lots of pictures, recipes and information. The price is very good compared to some other ones on here for over £14 that are poor quality books. Very helpful for people following a keto diet.

Best Keto book ever!!
I’ve been following a ketogenic lifestyle for more than 12 months now and have amassed quite a few recipe books in that time, none of them though are as easy and simple to follow as this book! This book has some really tasty recipes with everyday easy to find ingredients which don’t cost a fortune, Monya the author has even included some handy tips to help you & she has been fabulous at answering any questions on social media. The beef stroganoff is absolutely delicious even my son who isn’t keto loves this dish, if i could award it more stars I would! can’t wait for book number 2

OMG my favourite
Downloaded this yesterday, went to bed reading it. Woke up and carried on straight away. It’s now lunch time and I’ve made my shopping list for the few extra bits I need them I’ll be back for a day of meal prep and cooking for the week. Great book :-)

I met Monja a few months back…just after I started my Keto Journey. I am a BIG foodie and was finding it hard to get real inspiration from the normal way of Keto eating. A lot of the recipes online are fiddly. I decided to buy her book. PEOPLE!!! This is my new Food Bible. Easy recipes, uncomplicated BUT each of them with a SPECIAL taste twist! I am LOVING every recipe so far and what I have realised is it will permanently change the way I cook! I am 6 dinners down and will keep going! …the weight keeps falling and food craving don’t bother me because I am eating the most delicious comfort food!

Lovely book – great recipes
I wonder if there is a name for people who collect cookery books – if so that’s me! There are lots of cookery books around at the moment which give recipes for the keto diet and to be honest you can find most of what you need on the internet, but this is a beautiful book. The sort you pore over – lots of delicious recipes and beautiful photos. Everything I have tried so far has worked.

All you could want from a Keto recipe book :)
Having followed Keto for a few years I own a fair number of recipe books. This is the best I’ve seen. It covers all the essentials and so much more! It’s everything you need when following Keto, there’s something for everyone. Particularly love that it’s UK focused so the ingredients/measures make sense. This is the book I’ve been waiting for! Thank you :)

Best UK keto recipe book out there.
One of the best, no make that the best UK keto recipe book out there. Every recipe has turned out perfect. Great tips and info to help with your keto journey. A great book for beginners with every day recipes that non keto family and friends will love eating to. When’s the next one coming out!!!

Great content
Loads of great recipes, well laid out and easy to follow, have made at least 10 of the dishes so far and they have been delicious and easy to make.

Great starter book for Keto diet.
Perfect starter book for Keto diet. Loads of tasty recipes and snacks. Have lent it to friends and family who have gone on to buy their own copy. Would recommend to everyone starting on this diet.

Great book
My first time trying keto, this book explains it well. The recipes are a great start, you need time to prepare properly and get in all the ingredients needed but I’ve already lost a stone in weight. If you do it correctly there’s no reason not to loose weight gradually.

Must have book for keto recipes
If like me you are not a very good cook then this book is really easy to follow. Some really tasty recipes and after 5 days on keto so far have lost 7lb.

A VERY Interesting Keto Kitchen Cookbook
I received this book two days ago. Wow !!! I love the wide range of recipes, not too exotic but to me they are Very day-to-day practical without huge lists of ingredients to buy. The book is logically divided into its relevant sections and it’s full of valuable hints and tips.The terrific photography throughout, tops it off. Well done and Thank You Monya Kilian Palmer

Great book of useful recipes
The recipes here are clearly explained (for UK and US) and they work! I’ve learnt much and enjoyed new combinations.

Excellent book and excellent easy to make recipes. Monya is exceptional
Excellent easy to follow recipes. Tasty and well layed out book, with great instructions and a great choice! Monyas YouTube channel is great too! She worked with Heston Blumenthal! A must buy! It would make a great Christmas gift or Birthday gift as well!

Informative and easy to read
Very informative and thorough introduction regarding the keto lifestyle, superb pictures and easy to follow, wholesome recipes. Cannot wait to try them all. Highly recommend this recipe book.

Would recommend
Very interesting easy to follow cookbook where tasty meets healthy. Managed to get few people around me hooked on it although they are not on keto, just by trying the food I’ve made.
Def a must have for any foody, wide range of healthy snacks, main dishes, desserts.

Perfect for beginners to Keto who love their food!
I have looked for a UK Keto book and the very few I found had no photographs for reference and pages of complicated recipes. This book is perfect, all the macros are already worked out. It’s incredibly simple for the most amateur chef (myself) and no meals have been dry! I can also cook for the whole family at the same time who do not eat Keto.

The best KETO recipe book yet
I have a few Keto recipe books and this one blows them all out of the water. It’s so well written and the results look delicious, can’t wait to try some. Going to buy some more books for friends Xmas gifts.

Lovely book
I received my book today! I have read it all afternoon. This is a lovely book, easy to read and great photos. Its a breath of fresh air to find a good keto book written in the UK with no fancy ingredients. I can not wait to get cooking! Thank you.

Easy to follow and delicious recipes
Fantastic book which has simple recipes without the need to buy lots of elaborate/unusual ingredients. Just what I was looking for, highly recommended.

Fabulous recipes and very informative
Great book, has some really original recipes that are very tasty. Not only the recipes, the author goes into great detail with information on the keto way of eating.

Delicious recipes
This is an excellent book with delicious, easy to follow recipes. So far we have tried the Creamy Cod, Mediterranean Chicken, Pesto-stuffed Chicken Breasts, Chilli con Carne and lots of the veggie side dishes. Highly recommend

Keto done right by a proper chef
This cookbook is fantastic. From the informative intro with a guide and some tips on the Keto diet/lifestyle, through to the fantastically photographed and delicious recipes. The thing that makes this book stand out for me is that it is full of keto recipes from an actual chef. So often you find cookbooks for a specific diet/lifestyle are full of make-do recipes that approximate, but don’t quite meet the standard of their non-diet/lifestyle versions. But this is a proper chef providing delicious recipes that don’t ask you to settle for “good enough”. They’re just great meals in their own right. I’m a fan (if it wasn’t clear) and will be first in line for any future books from this author.

Excellent Book
The best £6.00 I have spent on a book in a long time. This book is filled with delicious, healthy keto recipes that are easy to follow resulting in wonderfully inviting meals. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I am waiting for it to be back in stock so that I can buy a copy for my daughter in South Africa too.

Perfect UK Keto inspiration
Got mine yesterday – it’s fab ! No need to keep scrolling & searching recipe ideas , it’s all there . Plus – huge plus – uk ingredients and measures !! Thank you!

Absolutely love this book!!
Loads of useful info if you’re considering or starting your Keto journey but also crammed with a wide range of well-explained recipes with beautiful pics – every page turn is followed by an ‘oooh, got to make that!’.

Lovely Book
Great recipe book. Have made the Quiche, poppy seed and lemon muffins and Brownies so far and all a success . Standard ingredients. Nothing too fancy needed. Lots of good ideas I will be trying soon.

Without doubt the best Keto cookbook for UK-based people
I received the book on Friday and have already made lots of the recipes from the book – it is outstanding, super easy to follow and most importantly, absolutely delicious. It’s rare to find a Keto-based recipe book aimed at the UK market, which makes it even better, and the hard-work and passion that has gone into it is evident throughout.

Absolutely delicious
The recepies are so delicious, my new favourite dish has come from this book, i highly recommend this book if you are stuck with the same old food as i was.

Really good recipes and photos
Received this today and I am so excited to try the recipes! Good ideas for snack and desserts. Amazing Photos really make the food look amazing

Great Book
Fantastic book to read with amazing and delicious recipes and easy to follow for a novice cook like me.

Where do I even start? This book has been like my own personal Keto bible. I have LOVED every recipe I have tried. I recommend it to anyone and everyone! I hated cooking until I started using this book a month ago and now I really look forwards to it. The author has been so kind and helpful over social media also. So excited for the next book!

Finally, flavorful Keto
KETO is no longer boring!! Gone are the days of monotonous food choices!! Due to my crazy work schedule, meal prepping has just gone to the next level. Thanks to Monya’s cookbook, these Keto recipes make meals, both savory and sweet, bursting with flavor. Finally keto is a dining experience with endless possibilities. Can’t wait for another cookbook! Have a question about anything? The author not only has an instructional YouTube channel, she makes the time to answer questions on social media!! Christmas presents just became a no brainer!

an accurate Keto cooking aid.
one of the best books on Keto in my opinion. Gives nutritional values so that you can work out your allowances. Receipes I have tried have all come out fine and I like the fact that there are pictures of the finished receipes.

Amazing low carb/keto cookbook
This book is amazing. I use it almost every single day. Every recipe comes out beautifully, not yet had one which didn’t work or wow my family into enjoying a keto meal. Can’t wait for the next one.

Fabulous book
Thrilled with my Keto Kitchen book that arrived today, can’t wait to get started on these delicious looking recipes

Love this clear instructions tasty recipes would definitely recommend as most keto books are American and some ingredients are hard to find but this one is english and ingredients are normal and have simple clear carb values and I hate avocado and the book is filled with loads that dont need avocado so I’m really pleased with this hope the author publishes more books

Great book
I stumbled across this book and am very impressed… Lots of great recipes and easy to follow…. I recommend it

Fantastic book
Absolutely fantastic addition for anyone doing this way of eating easy to follow recipes even for an amateur cook would highly recommend

Easy, tasty, keto friendly recipes with UK ingredients
Absolutely love this book. The recipes are so easy to follow and the beautiful pictures tired help bring the dishes to life. The ingredients are UK relevant and easy to obtain. Been following a keto diet that this has been great in giving me ideas. The brownies are fantastic! Can’t stop making them

Love this cook book
Absolutely love this cook book. Every recipe is delicious. Who needs carbs when you can eat like this. Can’t wait for her to release another one

The best Keto recipe book I’ve seen!
Amazing recipes, all with perfect measures and nutritional information, making it easy to use it while tracing macros. The first “non-boring” keto book I’ve bought, with really good recipes written by a real chef. It is also a very beautiful book with fantastic photography. Highly recommend.

Fabulous book!
Great recipe book, well explained in a fun way. Recipes are very tasty and simple to make after getting the main essentials bought in. Monya explains the benefits of the ingredients and lifestyle. Amazing results after just 2 weeks. Love the extra “tips” and have learnt a lot of new techniques in cooking.

Fantastic recipe book!
Only had the book a few weeks and I have used it almost every evening and each recipe has been delicious. Especially loved the Slow cooked Lamb Shoulder the Ultimate Beef Stroganoff and the Meatball Marinara! Most used recipe book I’ve ever owned!

Best Keto cookbook out there!
Cannot recommend this book enough, the recipes are simple to follow and taste outstanding.
I was beginning to find Keto food dull, but this has totally changed my view and reminded me Keto is for life. You will not be disappointed. The Thai Green curry is the best I’ve ever eaten, and the waffles are a big hit with my 6-year-old. Author is also on Instagram with additional features and recipes.

Fantastic easy Keto recipes. Ideal for Keto newbies and experienced cooks too
New to Keto and this book is fantastic! The recipes are so easy to make with simple instructions, all the nutrition info you need to know and photos of all the dishes. I’ve made 6 recipes so far and can’t wait for book 2. Highly recommend

Delicious and East to Follow
This book is truly amazing. Monya has provided a good basis of the benefits of Keto, far more than I’ve found in other books. The recipes that I’ve tried are delicious (I especially recommend her Comforting Seafood Pie, double yum) and she adds little bits of information in each recipe which I found helpful. A fabulous book, for every day use and also for those special meals.

Buy this book!
Fantastic! Lots of varied meat and fish ideas. We’ve had three weeks of mostly keto kitchen dinners and enjoyed every one! Macros per serving listed (an annoyance other keto books lack) with tips throughout. My go to keto cookbook!

Great Keto recipes that taste delicious!
What a fabulous book! So nice to have one tailed for the UK with ingredients we can buy here and recipes that we will like. I have tried lots of the recipes and they have all worked out well and tasted amazing. Have bought US books and when I have made some of the recipes, they just aren’t very nice to eat! Can’t wait for her next cookery book to be available as I will snap it up. Cannot recommend this book highly enough!

This book has it all to keep you very well fed on your keto journey.
A beautiful book packed with all you need to know to eat well on a keto diet but keep non-keto members of the family happy too. Loads of recipes I want to try and can’t wait to start. Highly recommend!

Delicious and easy to follow recipes
Every recipe in this book is absolutely delicious, easy to follow and I can highly recommend it!

Great introduction to the Keto way of eating
Love this book. Simple to use, full of information fantastic recipes. Best thing about it is that it is geared toward the UK.

I love the recipes in this book, they are easy to read and follow. I made spicy cottage pie and it was truly delicious. I am really looking forwards to trying more recipes.

Fantastic Book
Beautifully presented book with lots of great recipes. I’m new to Keto and this book helped inspire with easy to follow and creative recipes. Buy it and be prepared to put yummy Keto food in your face!

The best keto cookbook I’ve bought so far
By far, the best of the keto cookbooks. Would really recommend.

Fantastic Read
Very insightful introduction into the world of Keto. The recipes are fantastic and an imagery kept me enthralled, and hungry, throughout. Would recommend to anyone looking to get into Keto and expand their existing knowledge on the subject whilst enjoying a fun read.

Great book
Fabulous book for fans of keto. Some everyday recipes alongside some special occasion options that are a little cheffy.

Well written, beautifully presented and amazing recipes
This book is so well written and presented and the recipes are easy to follow and are amazing.

1st UK keto cookbook with UK PRODUCTS
This is the first keto cookbook on the market in the UK that used Uk products and measures. Anyone who is doinf keto will understand how important that is after all the recipes are mostly American using their products and measures. It is the best keto cookbook so far

The best Keto cookery book that I’ve come across so far. Lovely photos, simple but stunning recipes that all are easy to achieve in the time stated! A recipe book that suits my tastes perfectly- not a single recipe that I won’t be attempting. Exceptionally happy with my purchase. Fingers crossed she writes another one soon!

Wow, this book is a must have
I am thrilled with the Keto Kitchen book, I love every single page. I will be making every recipe, the author has really though about everything, I love the handy tips that make your meal even better. This book is a must have when you have a low carb/keto lifestyle. Thoroughly recommended

Beautiful and good recipes
This book is excellent. Beautifully presented and great recipes with a good mix of type of recipes on offer. Nothing too complicated or requires random ingredients.

Buy this now!!!
Buy this! This is the only recipe book you need this summer. The recipes are beautifully laid out and easy to follow. The duck breast melts in your mouth and I have never cooked duck so well before! This recipe book is not just about weight loss but about trying new recipes without being daunted. Thank you Monya

Great book, delicious recipes. A well written keto cook book.
After following the keto way of eating for around 6 months, I was ready for some new recipes. I had seen a few positive comments about this book so decided to get it. I am so glad that I did. I have cooked two recipes so far and they were both delicious. Easy to follow steps, great tips and advise and amazing results.

Excellent book
This is a brilliant book for anyone looking to eat well on a low carb diet, it’s full of mouthwatering recipes and really good tips. I Highly recommend it.

Nice recipes
Made quite a few of the recipes in here and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Perfect for keto lovers
I love this book, helping me so much with keeping upto my recipes and keto way of eating. Lovely pictures and easy to understand and follow

Great keto book
Love this book, very helpful and great recipes. Is actually keto. Easy to use.

A keto must have
A great book. Good selection of recipes, easy to follow and the ones I’ve tried so far have all tasted great. Brilliant addition for any Keto kitchen.

A must for anyone on Keto Or low carb. x. Great
Great book – delicious food. Super recipes. (A) must buy.

Worth it!
So I hesitated prior to ordering this book – do I really need another keto cookbook. Thought it was reasonably priced so took a chance and it’s fabulous. Nice layout and pictures but more importantly the recipes don’t call for masses of specialist ingredients or technical know how. I have to admit I have not had a chance to try the recipes yet but they all look lovely and the mug breads are first on my to do list. The pictures should come with a warning as they are seriously hunger inducing :).

A must for UK Keto!
Just started a Keto eating plan and this book has been a lifesaver! It’s written for UK readers so we can get the ingredients easily, and the author also has lots of tips for following a healthy diet.

Delicious recipes for the UK Keto eater , Thankyou

Keto Kitchen
A lovely range of recipes and some good information on Keto and the ingredients to use

Keto Kitchen
Fabulous and delicious recipes – well worth the buy

Keto kitchen
Fabulous book fabulous food! Easy recipes and tasty

Fantastic UK keto recipe book
First of all, this book has a photo for every recipe which is a definite plus. There’s a wide range of recipes, and every one I’ve tried so far has been absolutely delicious. The beef stroganoff was the best I’ve ever tasted, and the fish pie is another favourite. The recipes are easy to follow, and don’t require a pantry full of obscure ingredients. Definitely my go-to keto cook book!

Great recipe book for keto
Great book for recipes whilst in keto diet and quite a bit of variety and choice which is always a bonus

Highly recommended
Fantastic book. Highly recommended

Fab book great recipes
Great recipes love the book

Useful keto tips
Excellent, good tips for the keto diet. It’s easy to follow with not too much complications. I would recommend to anyone doing the Keto diet looking for some delicious ideas

Such a fantastic purchase
Recipes are easy to follow and simply delicious!

Must buy for low carb or just delicious food
I love this cook book. Every recipe has been easy to follow and delicious. I love the mug bread, mug cake, shepherds pie and chocolate brownies as regular dishes. Tried fish pie tonight and it was lovely, and easy. Totally recommend this book.

Keto recipes
We bought this for some different recipes and it has some great ones inside!

As good as reviews say!
Great book!

Good keto recipes
Great recipes, have tried most. You do need a lot of expensive alternative ingredients but it is well worth it.

Good variety of recipes
Good selection of tasty recipes – good purchase.

Highly recommend
Excellent Recipe book For someone following a low carb diet – most recipes have pictures and all ingredients are English in grams and not American measurements like most other low carb recipe books

Great Keto cook book
Excellent cook book for Keto cooks – I’ve made lots of things and they taste amazing

great book & lots of great recipes

Got it for half the original price so happy
I follow the Facebook page and this is a great cook book

Great recipes
Clear recipes

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KETO KITCHEN by Monya Kilian Palmer
Keto Kitchen
Keto Kitchen
KETO KITCHEN by Monya Kilian Palmer. Currently, the UK's best-selling low carb cookbook - now available worldwide. Read reviews here.