Cookbooks by Monya Kilian Palmer


Kyle Books (of Octopus Group), London have published both my cookbooks.

My first book KETO KITCHEN (2020) has consistently remained one of the best-selling low carb cookbooks in the UK, and I can only hope that my second cookbook LAZY KETO KITCHEN (coming mid-year, 2021) will enjoy the same success. Keto Kitchen is still available worldwide and Lazy Keto Kitchen is currently available to pre-order. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my recipes on this blog, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing (and holding) an actual, full-colour, printed book which I have poured my heart and soul into, plus they contain plenty of delicious new recipes not featured on this blog. All the recipes featured (in both books) are beautifully photographed as I know this is important for readers. Happy cooking everyone – and thank you for the support!