LAZY KETO KITCHEN (2021) by Monya Kilian Palmer

Lazy Keto Kitchen (my second book) was published by Kyle Books in mid-2021 – and I hope you will love it as much as I do! Just like my first cookbook, Keto Kitchen, the recipes were created with a global audience in mind: all weights are shown in UK metric and US imperial. It is packed with plenty of delicious recipes (all beautifully photographed by Maja Smend) and includes macros per serving. Lazy Keto Kitchen is available worldwide.


“Another great book from a great chef”
– Dr. Zoe Harcombe


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Another triumph
I loved Monya’s first book, Keto Kitchen, and this is every bit as wonderful. Now, I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet as I only received it yesterday, but I have complete and utter faith in the deliciousness of everything, based on having tried and enjoyed each and every recipe in Keto Kitchen. The book is similar in layout i.e. simple, attractive, easy to follow, and there’s a gorgeous image of pretty much everything. The ingredients are easy to find in the UK at least, and are mostly part of any keto eater’s cupboard. Loving the ‘little bites’ section and the crispy coated stuff, can’t wait to try the crepes, the swede hash browns, the fish dugléré and the batter. First up today though, are the lemon cookie sandwiches, which my little girls are very keen on helping with. I don’t feel like these recipes are ‘dirty’. In fact, the ‘dirty’, ‘lazy’ ingredients are so few (sugar free syrups, pork scratchings, some smoked sausage…maybe that’s all?) that this passes my test with flying colours. A beautiful book that makes keto extra wonderful.

Fantastic and easy
Fantastic book! Love it. Easy to use and Monya answers any questions you have. X

Another amazing book!!!
This book is an excellent follow on to the Keto Kitchen! Excellently written, with clear instructions and really delicious choices for every day eating! I have this book open every day at the moment.

Gorgeous keto cookbook, a must have!
Absolutely loved the first book by Monya and was over the moon when I heard she was releasing another. There are so many incredible recipes in this book, and have been delighted with everything we have cooked so far. Really clear instructions, beautiful photography, plenty of helpful tips and useable every day recipes. Can’t wait for number 3!!

Brilliant book
Absolutely love this book, easy to follow recipes, great tips and advice and all UK based products. The battered fish with homemade tartare sauce is my favourite recipe – so far. I’m so looking to trying the rest of them. I highly recommend this book. Ps – the first book is great too.

Incredible recipes and super simple to follow!
I bought this as I loved the first book so much and this book hasn’t disappointed! Every recipe works well, delivers a well balanced flavour and makes Keto much more enjoyable to follow. Even my non Keto partner enjoys the meals cooked from this book. My favourite recipe is the ham egg cups – they are incredible! Second favourite is the asparagus quiche – finally a Keto quiche that doesn’t just taste like scrambled eggs – it’s so delicious and perfect for packed lunch for work

Fabulous, new and easier recipes.
Monya has certainly not disappointed with her 2nd Keto recipe book. This one differs to her first, in that these recipes use less ingredients and time spent prepping and cooking has been reduced. Perfect now that I’m no longer WFH.

A fabulous addition to following a low carb way of eating
I still love the first “Keto Kitchen” book (now well thumbed) and this follow up recipe book was much anticipated. I wasn’t disappointed. Monya creates delicious recipes that are a boon when following a low carb way of eating. Great ideas and practical tips accompany the easy to follow recipes. I love it. Another one destined to be a well thumbed addition to my kitchen shelf. Thanks Monya.

Gorgeous keto recipes that work!
Fabulous keto crowd pleasing recipes :) The first thing I made was the chocolate mud pie which went down very well with both keto and non keto eating friends.

Each recipe is just as great as the one before
Just as great as the first one, easy to follow recipes especially the deserts that I love .

Do not hesitate to buy this beautiful book!
I was a big fan of the authors previous keto kitchen book, but was not sure whether to buy this book as I’m mostly strict and wasn’t sure if it would be much different to recipes I have already tried out. However, I have made 2 recipes so far (blueberry cheese cake and ham and cheese pinwheels) which were all clean ingredients and the food tasted so good that I have no words to describe how great it was. The recipes are so easy to follow and it helps you make food you would pay a lot of money for from a restaurant/bakery/shop. My family members who do not follow keto tried the food I made and were very impressed with the taste.

Easy, delicious and stress-free
I love the simplicity of the recipes that carry depth of flavour and have the wow factor. A great addition to my recipe book collection.

Favourite go to book!
Love this book, a lovely change to the normal keto recipes.

Fantastic, so easy to follow, quick too
LOVE this recipe book, even better than Monyas first, which I still use all the time. Keto food is of course fabulous but there’s recipes are so easy and tasty that I’m learning to cook “freehand” as my skills develop. I can’t recommend this book, and the chef, highly enough. Monya shares so many recipes and ingredients (and where to buy) on her blog fatsoflife and her Instagram page too. If you want to try keto, then you must get this book.

Another great book from a great chef
I left a 5* review for Keto Kitchen and then was delighted to see Lazy Keto Kitchen appear and there are more books in the series planned. I’m not keto, but I am real food/optimum nutrition and that is highly compatible with keto staples – meat, fish, eggs, dairy, vegetables, berries etc. I liked this book so much I did a podcast with the author! I learned so much about the meticulous way in which Monya comes up with recipes and how only the very best ones end up in the books. This book is beautifully presented and photographed. Most recipes have fewer than 10 ingredients – many just a handful. It really is about lazy cooking but with brilliant results. My favourite is the chocolate mud pie. Yours might be the chicken, tomato & basil (cauliflower) ‘couscous’ – all delicious. I highly recommend this addition to your recipe book collection, whether keto or real food or low carb.

A beautifully presented book with delicious keto recipes!

Easy to follow recipes
Easy to follow recipes and great pictures. Great follow on from the first book and all news recipes so no repeats. Definitely no boring meals in our household.

Love this cookbook!
Thank you Monya, such delicious simple recipes

Excellent book
Great easy to follow recipes

Brilliant cookbook
Brilliant book love the recipes

Better than the first book
Bought this as a follow up to the first Keto cook book. Happily surprised at how better the recipes are and how much I am looking forward going through meals

Tasty, easy-to-follow recipes that you’d be proud to serve at any dinner party!
Lazy Keto Kitchen is the much anticipated sequel to Keto Kitchen. Monnie Palmer has excelled herself once again. A wide variety of Keto dishes for every occasion that anyone can follow whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting out. I love the photos and the handy hints throughout. Most importantly though, the food is delicious and Lazy Keto Kitchen has taken its rightful place in my everyday cookbook library!

Another fantastic book by Monya
I have Monya’s first book and that alone made me buy this book. I’ve already tried a couple of the recipes and they were delicious, with the same great format as the first book. I will definitely be trying more recipes.

Easy and delicious food
This is second keto kitchen book I’ve purchased and both are brilliant for keto. The recipes are mostly easy to make and plenty for every skill level and taste. The desserts are so good you can serve them and no ones they’re sugar free. Monya is a genius in the keto kitchen.

Scrumptious Recipes
Lazy Keto Kitchen has scrumptious recipes, clear easy to follow. My go to book for sure along with Keto Kitchen. Great quality book, excellent price.

Great.. love it.

Lovely recipes
Recipes look amazing. Easy to read as it is clear and concise.

Restaurant quality recipes cooked at home
Monnie (Monya) has written another fabulous Keto recipe book. Her recipes are easy to follow for a novice like me and always taste delicious. Keto would be so much harder without the variety of dishes that these books bring. Love them and totally recommend. Thank you Monnie

Lovely book, very helpful if on a dietary change, beautifully illustrated.
Great book, very helpful recipes for the Keto diet, beautifully illustrated.

Lovely cookbook
Great cookbook

Beautiful book
Can’t wait to try out the recipes.


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LAZY KETO KITCHEN (2021) by Monya Kilian Palmer