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I have devoured some pretty incredible books over the course of my keto journey. However, most of what I learnt was through an intensive Nutrition Network Advisor Course I completed (through Prof. Tim Noakes Foundation) which equipped me with solid, evidence-based knowledge to enable me to coach others on the benefits of a low carb, high fat lifestyle. Graduating has also given me access to medical professionals all over the world that specialise in LCHF.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand…. I continue to read and expand my knowledge on optimum health. My current favourite topics are gut health and the important of our microbiome, as well as the whole subject of FAT. (I get a lot of heat from friends and family that think I eat “unhealthy” because of all the saturated fat in my diet.)

Listed below are the books I highly recommend if you want to understand the basics of keto / improve your OVERALL health / bust some silly myths for your own peace-of-mind / help others with better knowledge on the subject. Have a browse and search for a Kindle version if that suits you better. I snuck my own books in there too for those that love to cook!

While many of the gut-health books are very anti-sugar (no surprise there), they aren’t necessarily pro low carb, high fat. You need to read it with an open mind and adjust your knowledge according to what you know about keto. But, its fascinating stuff!

Check back on this page regularly as I update my reading.



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Recommended Reading
Best Keto Books
Best Keto Books
These are a list of books I highly recommend to get you started on your keto journey. Some include reading on gut health too, which is fascinating stuff!