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Spring Onion Scramblies (Keto)

Spring Onion Scramblies

Some inspiration may be needed after a while of wolfing down eggs on keto. I can hardly call this a ‘recipe’, as its merely an idea to make your scrambled eggs a little interesting (and I took the liberty of calculating the macros for you). I made this for myself one night when Funnyman was away and I was in no mood to cook. The stir-fried spring onions bring a lovely sweetness to the scrambled eggs: they are flash-fried until bright green and partially caramelised before the eggs are added. This is a great way to pimp your scramblies…! (And fab served on a slice of toasted Quick Keto Chia Bread or Keto Breakfast Muffins*) Be sure to also check out all the other Breakfast ideas on the site.

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