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Charred Padrón Peppers (Keto; Paleo)

Keto Padron Peppers
Keto Padron Peppers

The first time I had padrón peppers was in Barafina in Soho, London. Funnyman and I were drowning our sorrows, I cannot recall exactly but I suspect it was something financial. The irony was that we sat in this restaurant for about 4 hours and ordered three-quarters of the tapas menu items throughout the evening, washed down with plenty of wine (life before keto). Whatever was bothering us that night was soon forgotten (along with our financial common sense) – but the padrón peppers were memorable. Eaten whole, this is a risky little appetiser as some are hot and some are not. They are simply the perfect appetiser for someone who likes to live on the edge and I was delighted when I saw they are now readily available at the supermarket. I have made this several times and never encountered a spicy one, so perhaps not that risky after all..?

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Charred, Blistered Padron Peppers (Keto; Paleo)
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