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Cod with Chorizo & Caramelised Veg (Low-carb)

A little dirty keto today using chorizo… but the flavour it brings to meals is unbeatable. Here, I caramelised green peppers and onions along with garlic and chopped chorizo and simply served it with beautifully cooked cod fillets. Use any white fish you fancy, but be sure it still has the skin on so you can crisp it up for more texture in your dish. As mentioned in a little article I posted recently, onions and garlic are powerhouses when it comes to overall health, so I am not afraid of the carbs present in them (and you shouldn’t be either). I incorporate all the fat used in the creation of this dish, so this makes for a perfect LCHF meal. Season generously before serving and don’t forget that all-important squeeeeze of lemon juice to finish.

– – – – – – PER SERVING – – – – – –
Carbs 4.7g | Fat 24g | Protein 34g
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Cod with Chorizo & Caramelised Veg (Low-carb)
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