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Low-carb Sausage and Cabbage Soup

Low Carb Sausage and Cabbage Soup

You wouldn’t think that such simple ingredients could create a soup that would pack such a punch like this one can – and its all thanks to the Poles who brought us delicious Kielbasa (a smoked sausage found in the deli meat aisle; for my South African readers, these are what we have come to know and love as ‘Russians’.) This recipe is a great example of what we refer to as Dirty Keto: it’s a low-carb soup (only 10g carbs per hearty bowl), but the small amount of wheat and soy found in the sausages are considered highly frowned upon with the keto police. And they are correct: wheat is inflammatory and the Kielbasa itself is a processed meat. However, if you are flexible to give this a go on your low-carb journey, you will love the homely, hearty flavours. Do make the effort to source smoked paprika, as it adds the additional necessary flavour punch. If its not substantial enough as a main meal, serve this low-carb and cabbage soup with a slice or two of my Quick Chia Keto Bread.

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