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‘Rustic’ Pesto & Cheddar Fathead Rolls (Keto)

The Ham & Gruyere Rolls recipe that I posted a few weeks ago was so well-received (please try it), I decided to shake things up a bit and use a similar concept with fresh homemade Basil Pesto and grated Cheddar. There was one very significant change to the dough recipe (which is loosely based on the “fathead” concept): I experimented with extra-fine almond flour instead of regular almond flour. Some adjustments had to be made to the remaining ingredients, but the texture was exactly what I was after and the BONUS factor was that the raw ‘dough’ was SO much easier to work with! If you choose to follow this recipe, please use extra-fine almond flour – I cannot guarantee successful results if you don’t. I titled them “rustic” because while they do puff and rise, they lop to the side and look exactly like something that is made at home with love (that’s how we all cook, right?) Regarding the basil pesto, I really don’t want to blow smoke up my own… but my fresh, homemade basil pesto is simple unbeatable. It takes a few minutes to make and is SO worth the effort..

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