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Tear-and-share Garlic Bread (Keto)

Just in time for summer! This is a fantastic keto garlic bread roughly based on the fathead dough concept. This recipe will yield 12 slices and the macros have been calculated on one serving being 2 slices (because who eats only one slice of garlic bread at a braai?) – so this will sufficiently feed 6 people. I used equal amounts of (recently discovered) extra-fine almond flour and regular almond flour to achieve the texture I wanted. NOTE: I have not developed this recipe using only regular almond flour, but I anticipate a much stickier mixture which will be impossible to work with – so I encourage you to invest in a bag of the extra-fine flour which I have so far only seen available at amazon). Perhaps Holland & Barrett will stock it in the future if we all kick up enough of a fuss. Sealed well, almond flour will last a long time, and you will love this keto garlic bread so much, its best you have a bag on hand this summer. Be sure to also check out all the other Bread recipes on this site..

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