Why the carbs in onions and garlic don’t alarm me

I thought I would quickly share my personal thoughts about two great vegetables that simply don’t get the love they deserve.

On keto, we are (rightly) informed to steer clear of starchy vegetables that are high in carbohydrates. NO to potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, yams, corn etc. But… many people insist that onions and garlic should fall into that category too because ‘they grow below the ground’. While this is true, and yes they are higher in carbs than the green, leafy veg – I think we should take a closer look at them. Both are standard items in my pantry – and they should be in yours too. Here’s why:

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Our Low Carb Feast in the East

I have just returned from a magnificent holiday! Funnyman and I cruised on the ‘Diamond Princess’, a beautiful ship that sailed in the East over Christmas, docking in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. If any of you know what cruise holidays are like, you know about those endless buffets where everything under the sun is presented three times a day in a large dining room. In addition, there are food stations scattered throughout the ship where burgers, tacos, hot dogs and pizzas are there for the taking: freshly made to order – and all included in the cost of the cruise. Its a food lover’s dream and its pretty good quality.

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