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South African Homemade Biltong.. the way to my heart

South African Biltong

In case it hasn’t been clear (with all my talk of braaing!), I am living in the UK now, but I was born and raised in sunny South Africa. Those that know me will note that this post is way overdue – BILTONG: The way to my heart since I first chewed on it while teething as a baby (how teething is dealt with in South Africa) and my favourite keto snack ever! There are numerous stores around the UK that sell excellent biltong, but nothing beats the satisfaction of making your own homemade biltong.

You could probably fashion your own biltong maker (box, light, fan) but my trusty one has never let me down. It gets used a lot and has a permanent spot on my kitchen counter. Regarding the spices, go ahead and try several or make your own, but Freddy Hirsch has perfected it! Step-by-step pics below.

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