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Berry Meringue Baskets (Keto)

Keto Berry Meringue Baskets

Funnyman and I don’t make a big deal of our keto journey (unless asked). When hosting, I simply make exact versions of the desserts I serve my guests and serve as normal, making sure we get the keto-friendly versions (this is mainly due to artificial sweeteners which not everyone has a taste for). This past summer, when making little berry meringue baskets for my guests, I whipped up a sugar-free version for  us. While my rustic meringue baskets weren’t snow-white like the store-bought versions my guests received, they were still pretty damn tasty and hit the sweet spot. If you prefer to make a mess of this (I mean, to literally make a Berry Mess), simply use the Mini Meringues recipe and mix it all together just before serving… (as opposed to making a pretentious, deconstructed version like I have done here by piping them into baskets…)

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