BUDGET KETO KITCHEN (2022) by Monya Kilian Palmer


Are you as excited as I am?

After so much incredible feedback from my first two books, (the best-selling) Keto Kitchen, 2020 and (the more recently published) Lazy Keto Kitchen, 2021, I am delighted to share that I am currently working on my third book, Budget Keto Kitchen (also published by KYLE Books in London), which will be coming to the market mid-2022.
Budget Keto Kitchen will help you achieve BIG flavour on a cautious budget while you dazzle your loved ones (and yourself!) with easy, delicious meals. As with my first two books, all 80+ (triple-tested) recipes will be beautifully photographed and include macros per serving.

In Budget Keto Kitchen, I have focussed on using easily-accessible, non-costly ingredients. (Great news for those with nut allergies too, because I chose to steer clear of using pricey, fancy-pants almond flour!). I share ways on how to use items often forgotten at the back of the pantry as well as how to prevent waste by offering plenty of inspiring recipes using up leftover fresh produce (or indeed leftover roast meat). There is advice on batch-cooking, freezing and reheating meals along with clever tips on planning ahead and shopping smart to help you stick to your keto lifestyle.

I am confident that the collection of easy, tasty recipes in Budget Keto Kitchen will offer exciting, satisfying meals that you and your whole family will simply LOVE!

PSSSST…. It looks like its time to start building up your collection of the Keto Kitchen Series if you have not already done so. Check out my first two best-selling books which are available worldwide (and very-well priced):